Bristol Diesel Cooking Range


Bristol Diesel Cooking Range

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The Bristol Cook Stove is our smallest model ideal for boats 30-35ft. This stove is designed to fit the standard small boat cut-out and designed primarily to be mounted to face port or starboard.  See note regarding shipping below.

    • Requires 4” diameter chimney parts.
    • Minimum 6ft or maximum 8ft of chimney is required, a straight run with no elbows work best.
    • Chimneys 6ft or longer we highly recommend a barometric damper.
    • Permanent fresh air vent needed in area of the unit.
    • Creates a dry heat to dry out moisture inside in the vessel.
    • In sailboat installations, this unit must face port or starboard, so the gravity fed valve won’t starve the burner on heels up to 15 degrees. Having the unit face fore or aft is currently not an option.
    • 12v draft assist fan included (can be converted to 24v and 32v). Used for start up and draft assistance on high fire.

Fan Wiring Diagram

  • Valve is calibrated for diesel but can be re-calibrated for kerosene or stove oil.
  • 1 turn hot water coil for 5-10 gal can be installed for water heating.

Width: 21″
Height: 19.25″
Depth: 18.25″
Weight: 85 lbs
Oven Size: W9” X D11.25” X H8”

Fuel Consumption / 24hr:
1.30 gal LOW
3.20 gal HIGH

Heat Output:
Low: 6500 BTU
High: 16250 BTU

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