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Waldo Sprinter Van

I have the model P9000 from Stevenson Marine in Vancouver BC for ~$700 plus the proper fittings, lines and regulator. It was easy to set up, and required limited tools. 3”hole saw , drill, caulking...  The external chimney cap was the most difficult as the sprinter roof ribs do not allow for a proper flush seal on the gasket. I would recommend some sort of plastic board to build up above the ribs in order to properly seat the chimney cap. As far as atmosphere it provided, I would say it was quite pleasant having the fire show through the glass, very easy to light and it stays lit even when driving. For warmth, I found it would keep up until about -5’C , maybe -10’C. At that temperature I found the heat would stratify in the van where the upper half would be 17’C and the lower half would be 9’C. I found the heater added  enjoyable to around -5’C. The van is spray foamed ~ 3” everywhere including ceiling and floor but not the front driving area. I spent 2 Canadian winters with this heater, mind you it was in Vancouver where the winters are quite was a great addition to the van, as I ran it for 4-5 hours a day maybe more during the 3 months or so where it hovered around freezing. I used a 20lb bbq propane tank which was also used for extensive cooking and would have to replace it about twice a month.


 Jennifer F.

I really Love my Separett composting toilet! I weighed the options in the beginning before getting my tiny house on wheels, and decided that this toilet was the best for me! It has no odors when using it, the company has compostable bags you can buy if you run out, you don't have to lift the toilet to clean it, and theres no pete moss or coconut coir involved. Easy, clean, simple! I would definitely recommend it!!! 



We love our Dickinson Solid Fuel heater - it’s perfect for our small space, cranks out heat, and provides a cozy cabin feel in our van. We deeply enjoy the crackle of wood burning and the glow of the fire! Pros: heat!! (and a dry heat), ambiance - nothing like it! Feel free to shoot us a dm if you have more questions about our heater choice or other vanlife inquiries! We’ve got a couple photos on our feed, but I’ve also got a photo album of the buildout for those who are interested. Thanks for the read 🙏 and happy adventures!


Lexy M.

After 7 months of using the Separett composting toilet, it's safe to say that I'm a big fan. I'm not going to lie, it took me a few weeks to get the hang of it, but since then it's been smooth sailing. I have used a few different composting toilets at various places I've stayed and honestly didn't like any of them. I read amazing reviews of the Separett, so I took the plunge and ordered one without ever seeing one in person and I'm so thankful I did. My favorite part is that it's low maintenance and doesn't require me to do a whole lot to keep it functioning. I installed my Separett in the summer and was a little worried about smell and bugs, but thankfully I've had zero issues during any of the 3 seasons I've had it. Overall, this is the best composting toilet I've seen on the market and advise everyone to do themselves a favor and choose a Separett for their composting toilet.



 I love my heater especially now that it’s winter. I live in a van so I truly love this heater. I find using charcoal with some wood lasts longest through the night I’ve never had a problem with it


Braud Design Build Inc.

We absolutely LOVE our Separett toilet!  As an architect/builder I wanted something that looks great and functions great, this toilet was the answer! I looked at all of the options, and am so glad we chose Separett!


Aaron D.

We love our Separett!  After a lot of research and reading through many testimonials it was obvious that the Separett was the way to go for our Tiny House.  Compared to other units that are similar in price and concept, the Separett does a great job at looking and acting like a real toilette.  Not only that but utilizing a french drain separating the liquid and solid is such a blessing.  Cleaning the toilette is simple and mess free and I must say that before we made the change, I assumed there would be a certain level of smell to this whole deal.  I was wrong.  In fact, we notice that our Separett smells less than a conventional toilette.  It’s been a pleasure, and the service team is great too.  Thanks Separett!


Moovable Roots

 “Separett the only “tool” we need in our bathrooms".

Mitchell Z.

I recently installed your Separett Villa 9215 toilet in a tiny room in my studio, and two friends from rural Alaska stayed in the studio for the past four days anxious to test it. They were looking for a toilet for their cabin to replace their present composting toilet which took up too much space and was difficult to install and maintain. I described to them how I was particularly impressed by the careful engineering and ease of installation.


Ida L.

Many people are skeptical when they hear we don't have an ordinary water toilet. But a Separett is just as comfortable and easy to use and maintain.


Steve S.

We installed the toilet in 2016 in a cabin that has been in our family for close to one hundred years.  We put the toilet in the closet and it is quiet and has virtually no smell.  I can't tell you how much I really do LOVE my Separett toilet.  We are now a two bath family with one being the outhouse and the other our fabulous Separett toilet.  Thanks again for making a remarkable product.


Gary P.

We installed Separett urine diverting toilet seat in our outhouse by our cabin. Everyone that visits is amazed how it works and how there’s no odor! We would highly recommend this for anyone building an outhouse.


Kevin & Melinda R.

Living for more than a year in a 17’ camper trailer while building our little house in the desert was a challenge made easier by putting a bathroom at one end of 20’ cargo container. Very functional, a horse trough shower, utility sink, and a composting toilet. We researched toilets and chose yours for its simplicity and off the grid capacity (works well a small solar panel). Though using the “facilities” al fresco had not been our original intention (the location and angle of the container door is very private), watching the sun play over the Park mountains is pretty special. We think we have the best view from a Separett composting toilet.


Erik H.

Built a cabin well off the beaten path, no access for getting a septic system installed. Intended on going with an outhouse, however when I had my outhouse inspection there was too much clay in the soil and the environmental agency would not allow an outhouse. I then came across your toilets and have been very pleased. This is the second year I have used it and it has done everything that I was hoping. At first I was a bit concerned that I would have to deal with some smells on the inside of the cabin but that is definitely not the case, you would never know that this isn’t a conventional toilet.Thanks for the great product.



Stilly Valley Perch

We absolutely love our Separett Privy! Super easy maintenance. Thanks for a great product! 


We strive to keep our Separett Family happy with prompt responses and in depth knowledge on product parts and services. Don’t just take our word for it..... here’s words from some happy Separett owners:


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your wonderful customer service! I ordered the fan using the code, which was a very generous offer. We were probably about a month or so out of warranty, and I certainly didn’t expect to be taken care of so thoroughly. We installed the fan over the weekend with ease, thanks to the video. And just like that, all odors are gone. We are still looking into adding the trap from the septic line, but in the meantime, we can have guests over again, haha! I work in support myself and find it’s a rarity to experience customer service as memorable as this.
Thanks again - keep up the good work!
:) Rachel & Andre

I am a long time composting toilet owner.  I have had three different composting toilet setups prior to the Separett units I now own.  I wanted to leave this review (I seldom leave reviews, but felt this should be posted for the Separett Villa Toilet).

I own and use 2 of the the Separett Villa 9200 toilet units full time in our home North of Dallas, Texas.  Of the four total systems I have owned, the Separett company is far superior to the others for three reasons:

1. Price to Quality Ratio

The Separett toilet systems I own are by far superior in craftsmanship to the other, competitor units in this category.  When paying a high price to be able to utilize a composting system, I expect the system to be extremely easy to use, yet well engineered to provide excellent functionality.  The Separett company does this best, in my opinion.

2. Durability

The only problem I have ever had was a 2-speed transformer fan going out (please read the next paragraph for customer service relating to this issue).  The problem was easy to resolve.  Other than that, no turning cranks, no urine buckets, etc.  The system just works (and works very well)!  

3. Customer Support

I am highly disappointed, for the most part, in most companies' idea of customer support.  Usually, it takes days to get things resolved, and sometimes you spend up to several hours on the phone with someone who is essentially reading from the user manual.  NOT IN THIS CASE...

THE PHONE WAS ANSWERED WITHIN A FEW RINGS.  The representative was extremely knowledgable in reference to both the product and our issue with it.  I was honest with the representative that I spoke with, telling him that I had not bought the units new, therefore the warranty was not probably active or applicable to me.  The representative treated me like an original buying customer.  I had two units shipped to me.  They arrived extremely fast, and both are working now. I cannot say enough about the excellence in this area for Separett!
Thanks to a company that actually cares for their customer base, I will be a customer for life!
North Dallas, TX