Sailing Through Cancer

All of the proceeds from product sales on our site go to the support of our non-profit Sailing Through Cancer. Our goal is to  offer the joy of sailing and time on the water to those dealing with treatment and life changes brought upon by a cancer diagnosis. 

Who am I?  I’m James - I started selling Separett composting toilets online in 2010. You know me from many of the product videos. I’m also an avid sailor - which has been a godsend to me over the last few years. In 2014 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer - unfortunately not cured by surgery, I’ve been in treatment for it since. In 2019 - I was diagnosed with unrelated lung cancer - which led to removal of half of my left lung. We hoped that would do it - but in the spring of 2021 scans showed it had spread to my lymph nodes and right lung. Between chemo treatments last year - I was renovating a 1985 Tayana sailboat called the FreeSpirit. It’s now my home and office - traveling the east coast of the US and Islands. I’m on a pill based treatment for the lung cancer -which let’s me stay mobile - thank goodness. I know what an escape from my cancer journey my sailing and time on the water has been -and I’d like to share that with others. Soooo. I’ve begun a program called Sailing Though Cancer - to invite others living with cancer to enjoy time on the FreeSpirit.

What and Why?   Navigating your way through Cancer is stressful and challenging at best - but we can SAIL THROUGH  it for a time - so that’s what we do. Call it escapism - that’s OK. Have you dreamed of sailing? Let’s do it. We’ll work our programs to suit your situation. If you’re just curious - come and have lunch with us in a quiet harbor - more adventurous- we’ve sailed over 15,000 miles in the last few years and always have space for a crew member who could use a bit of a change of pace. Want to connect with us to join in a harbor somewhere to enjoy the beautiful sunsets for a few days - we can do that too!

The process starts by you dropping us a note. Tell us about yourself and your situation. We’ll begin the conversation on how you too can join in on the FreeSpirit for a break from the day to day of treatment and recovery. You can follow where we are at or on our instagram page at SailingThoughCancer.

Funding? Sailing Through Cancer is funded entirely by proceeds from sales at When you join us for sailing time - you come as our welcomed guest.