Free Spirit Gear all profits support Sailing Through Cancer


Welcome to FreeSpiritGear, for years we have been your connection for Separett composting toilets and other gear for mobile living. We are now traveling on the sv FreeSpirit  full time, and developing our Sailing Through Cancer program - so- we're not currently shipping product.  Phone: 800.682.8619

Please call Separett, Airhead or Dickenson for product support.

All profits from product sales on FreeSpirit Gear have gone to support our project Sailing Through Cancer. Click the logo to learn more!

Keep in touch to find new product offerings to directly support our projects. .

FreeSpiritGear celebrates the adventure of mobile living and designing your own life. There is not trick to being able to live the life you dream of-  it's about discovering, adopting and believing in the life you dream of, and developing the plan to achieve living it. My work has been in product development and business consulting, My consulting life has centered in helping folks achieve their dreams. Need some input - give me a call.

We have carried products we support because we use them. Not a willey-nilley selection - but because we believe in the brand and products. Many of the products we sell are used on our boat the S/V FreeSpirit- visit our posts on instagram:

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