About FreeSpiritGear

Hi - I'm James Siedenburg.

My passion is mobile living and not being bound to locations that hinder our adventure in life. Through our site you'll be able to follow our adventures and projects. You can follow us on our sailboat the FreeSpirit, follow along in our Van conversions - or learn about the yoga and spiritual seminars that members of the FreeSpiritGear Tribe sponsor at MahaVidyaYoga.com- come along and enjoy.

We are now tied to our non-profit Sailing Through Cancer - a preogram where we extend the joys of sailing and water adventure to folks dealing with cancer.As a cancer survivor - I'm well acquainted with life stresses that come with a cancer diagnosis - and with the break from that burden that time on the water can offer. Hopefully - we can extend that relief to many others with this program.

Products we distribute are either shipped from our warehouses in Nevada and  New Hampshire - or direct from the manufacturer. You will find our products available directly from us or through our resellers. Our resellers are a growing network of builders and remodelers who prefer our product along with select online resellers. We also have many folks who have used our product and  promote us in their blogs.  Feel free to call us regarding our affiliate advertising program.

We're the experts when it comes to installation of all our products - so please call with any questions you may have - we look forward to speaking with you!
For sales or specification information along with reseller inquiries please call us at 800.682.8619 or E-mail info@FreeSpiritGear.com.