Separett TINY with Holding Tank. For local pickup

$ 989.00

We have a few units available for local pickup in NH. Please text us for details (603.682.0963). The Tiny is the next BIG thing in composting toilets! NOW shipping!!

The Separett Tiny is a urine diverting toilet that is especially developed for Tiny Homes and other small spaces such as camper vans, caravans, boats, cabins, etc.

There are two versions of the Tiny. This version - With Holding Tank, contains the urine in an easy removed holding tank to remove and empty when full. It is a 1.7 liter capacity. Please see the Tiny with Drain for the version of the Tiny that is plumbed to drain into a gray water tank or drain field. The units cannot be retro-fitted from one to the other - so please consider your installation prior to ordering.

This model of Tiny contain both the liquid and solid waste inside of the toilet with two containers, one for urine and one for the solid waste.