Composting Toilets, Boat toilets, Tiny House Toilets, RV and Van Toilets

Free Spirit Gear is about mobile living. Toileting while living  in your remote home, van, boat or RV should not hinder your adventurous lifestyle. We carry the best brand we know of:  Separett Toilets. The Separett toilets have proven themselves in both homes and remote living spaces for over 40 years. The Villa - a larger footprint and very user friendly has been the mainstay of the offering until the recent release of the Tiny in spring of 2021. The Tiny, with its smaller footprint - offers the features of the Villa in a footprint that is compatible with Vans, Boats, RVs and other space constrained installations. Shipping cost varies by product and location.  Shipping cost will be visible on your order following entry of your address. Please call or email with any questions regarding use or installation. Ph. 800.682.8619,