Welcome to FreeSpiritGear, outfitter for composting and marine toilets.  Phone: 800.682.8619

We are currently traveling where our internet service is not reliable. Therefore - we are suspending product sales on the site for a few months beginning September 23'rd. Feel free to call us for support on any products you have purchased form us - or to join us for time on the FreeSpirit. Thank you.,

All profit from product sales on FreeSpirit Gear go to support our project Sailing Through Cancer. Click the logo to learn more!

We ship product from our warehouses Monday -Friday.

We sell Separett  toilets from Sweden, Over the past years we've been known as Separett USA - but now we're rebranded as FreeSpiritGear - celebrating the adventure of mobile living.

We carry products we support because we have used them. Not a willey-nilley selection - but because we believe in the brand and products. Many of the products we sell are used on our boat the S/V FreeSpirit- visit our posts on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sv.freespiritsailing

And our FreeSpiritGear facebook page for updates on the FreeSpirit tribe and product videos:https://www.facebook.com/CastOffTheLines

Follow where we are at:  https://share.garmin.com/FreeSpirit

Acceptance of alternative toilets within building codes vary from town to town. We urge you to check with your local authorities regarding acceptance within your community and particular project.

Thank you. For additional information please call us at 800.682.8619

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